Investor Overview


Company Vision: betterU creates the opportunities for individuals to learn and grow.

Business Overview: betterU is an asset-light education marketplace that aggregates courses from the best global online educators (K-12, Skills Dev., Higher-Ed and Self-Interest) and enables access for 100’s of millions of people across India. There are many significant barriers for doing business in India and it took betterU over 3.5 years to put in place all the pillars required to support the world’s online educators. These barriers are making it difficult for other online educators to do business in India.

Business Model: betterU provide mass marketing across India (Newsprint, Radio, TV, Digital, and Magazine), collect all registrations and payments, then through back end coding, connect the learner to the content partner’s course. betterU holds back 20% to 50% of revenues collected as their fee.

Our Value Proposition: Four years (2013-present) invested in the building of betterU’s India infrastructure, set up global operations, assembled core leadership team, secured the world’s largest online education mass marketing deal for India, enlisted leading content partners, and built credibility, trust and awareness across India.  They are the largest global education marketplace that has been built.

Investment Highlights

Market: Access to ‘high-barrier to entry’ Indian market through current Indian operations.

First Mover: Potential to become leading “global education marketplace” in India.

Developed Product: Soft Launched, generated revenue, ready for growth.

Unmatched Variety: Over 6,500 courses available.

Wide Audience: K-12, exam preparation, skills development, higher-ed and more.

Strategic Relationship: Approx. C$30M ‘Inkind’ investment with India’s largest media conglomerate.

Product Expansion Opportunities: B2B, B2C learning and employment solutions.

Corporate Presentation: Click here to download Corporate Presentation PPT.