Project management as a field of discipline holds significance in the industry today – be it product based, technology based or service based. It is a unique area of operations since it does not deal with the day to day activities of an organization. Managing projects often requires a specific set of skills which need to be acquired professionally, thus increasing the need of various project management courses in today’s scenario.

A project manager has to have the insight of designing a plan, knowing his co-workers strengths, building the best possible teams and of working with project management tools in order to successfully roll out the projects. Studying the trend of upcoming Job opportunities in India has shown them to have a better understanding of the importance of a project manager. According to a survey by Project Management Institute in India, a Project Management Professional (PMP) earns about 42% more than a non-certified Project manager. The results of the survey highlight the importance getting PMP certifications, especially now when job opportunities in India involving expertise in project management are in demand. There are various project management courses online provided by sites like betterU to help you. We have made a list for the 10 best project management tools for you to aid your next project.

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