MUMBAI, Tuesday, August 02, 2016
betterU, an online education marketplace that is focussed on the holistic development of a learner, today announced its partnership with international skill training companies, Fullbridge and Eliquo, both leaders in their respective areas of specialization.  Both of these partnerships will broaden the growing portfolio of betterU and bring in quality training and global opportunities for Indians across the nation. In wake of globalization, accessing betterU’s marketplace will enable these content providers to tap into the Indian market which is slowly emerging as the topmost destination for investors and global organizations.

Aimed at bridging the gap between the education and employment industry, betterU believes these associations can contribute to the plethora of quality courses available on their education marketplace. These reputed institutions are equipped with their own unique approach and teaching expertise, otherwise not easily accessible within the country. Eliquo, Canada’s largest Adobe training partner, is an accredited design and digital media training company that provides certified Adobe and Apple training that specializes in areas of design, digital media and application development. Fullbridge works hand-in-glove with universities, governments and organizations where the designed programs address the skills gap prevalent in young people and empowers them with the professional skills and traits sought out by employers worldwide.
“We are thrilled to partner with betterU and believe they have the perfect marketplace to extend our presence to India. The nation, currently focussed on creating a skilled workforce and nurturing budding talent, requires the highest level of quality curriculums imaginable with guidance from passionate industry-leading educators and mentors. After tasting considerable success in the Canadian market with our courses, we are expecting to receive a great reception in India as well”, said Craig Boassaly, President, Eliquo. The courses and material curated by Eliquo are written in-house by their own full-time team of instructors to ensure they are always relevant to current industry needs and techniques and always up to date.
The FullbridgeX Career Edge Series (FBX) on betterU is a self-paced, e-learning experience which enables development of technical and soft skills with the help of workplace scenarios and interactive exercises that are well suited for post-secondary students, graduates, and early-career professionals. Roger Berry, CEO, Fullbridge commented, “India continues to grow as a leader in the global innovation economy. This growth drives its current need for a skilled workforce. In a fast-paced environment that demands fluid teamwork and task work, Fullbridge programs bring the right training in core competencies to improve work performance. Fullbridge specializes in the ‘science of working smarter’ to offer cutting-edge, time-efficient, practical training that will enable Indian students and young professionals to invest in their own success and increase the value of their work.”
betterU has been providing access to quality online education for Indian learners through partnerships with educational leaders around the world, while supporting their unique needs for development, delivery and learner management. Previously, the company had forged partnerships with leading content partners such as BSEI, Udemy, Acadgild and Edx which provides courses from Ivy League institutes on its marketplace. betterU is moving towards a future for e-learning that directs one to better their opportunities not only in India, but in the global markets as well.
Speaking on both the partnerships, Bradley Loiselle, CEO, betterU explained, “betterU’s services are centered on the four key areas driving industry innovation: access, quality, range and opportunity. As part of our commitment to foster an exceptional educational ecosystem that prepare the learner for the prospective job requirement, we are always on the lookout for content partners that will help us in serving the industry’s transformation. Both Fullbridge and Eliquo are leaders in providing specialized courses and we look forward to welcoming them on board.”