Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of betterU?
Founded in early 2013, this company was built on the foundation of years of developing methodologies, technologies and capabilities within the online education industry.

While most competitors were focused on learning about e-learning, we began our vision for connecting global education with the Indian marketplace.

Compounded with a professional team with experiences across project management, entertainment, education, global distribution fields and international markets, betterU was formed.

Where is betterU’s corporate headquarters?
betterU’s Head Office [Canada] is located at 1145 Hunt Club Rd., Suite 110, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 0Y3  Phone: 1-613-695-4100.

When did you go public?
betterU went public on March 3, 2017 on the TSX Venture Exchange [the “TSXV”] under the symbol “BTRU”.
betterU’s shares began trading publicly on March 14, 2017. The initial offering price was $0.335 per share.

Where can I get a copy of your prospectus/regulatory filings?
Click here for betterU’s regulatory filings.

How can I purchase betterU shares?
Please contact a registered full service or discount broker. betterU does not buy/sell stock directly.

What is betterU’s stock ticker symbol?
betterU is traded on TSX Venture Exchange [the “TSXV”] under the symbol “BTRU” and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the Symbol 50GA.

What is betterU’s CUSIP number?
betterU’s number is 08773A105.

Who do I contact regarding lost certificates?
betterU’s transfer agent and registrar is Computershare Investor Services Inc.