OTTAWA, July 15, 2019betterU Education Corp. (TSX VENTURE: BTRU, Frankfurt: 5OG) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce, during a press conference held earlier today at the Lalit hotel in Delhi India, the company and National Skills Development Corporation (“NSDC”) officially launched their partnership to support skilling India. betterU, a global education-to-employment platform, based out of Ottawa, Canada has set out to transform the overall skill development ecosystem across emerging markets like India. Through this partnership, NSDC and betterU will provide the opportunity for Indian youth to gain global access to all the learning they need. The Company’s business model was designed to continually add global content and methods of delivery to support all types of learning for graduates, seasoned employees, and corporates amongst others.

During the media conference, betterU also announced the launch of their Mobile App and Upskill Engine that will put the world’s education in the hands of anyone across India and help support efforts for individualized learning.

This collaboration is in line with the Government’s vision to upskill the youth of India. This goes hand in hand with India’s plan to transform the complete Indian educational system and focus on bridging the skills gap, which was announced at the Union Budget, 2019 by the Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Commenting on the association, Dr. Manish Kumar, MD & CEO of NSDC said, “NSDC is focused on solutions that add value to high-quality skills development and vocational training across India. We believe our partnership with betterU could significantly contribute towards our common objectives of skill development. We look forward to working closely with betterU in the coming months for the betterment of our Indian youth.”

betterU in partnership with NSDC will also work to integrate and collaborate with other NSDC solutions, technologies and partners to build and provide a more comprehensive system. Additionally, this partnership will help drive more collaborations across the industry sectors and betterU’s ecosystem. Brad Loiselle, President and CEO, betterU explained, “We believe that education is the foundation for personal growth, which then increases the success of the household and ultimately the economy as a whole. There are still many obstacles to overcome and with so many industries, each requiring various skills, betterU has developed a solution that sources what is required. The overall challenge is that most educators are focused on a specific type of learner, type of content, type of target audience. Millions of variables cannot be supported by individual educators. betterU’s goal is to provide education support for everyone.”

With the objective to connect quality online education from leading global educators to the mass population of India, betterU focuses on developing an ecosystem that bridges the gap between education and jobs by providing the tools necessary to prepare prospective Indian learners for the jobs they want. betterU’s leadership has been travelling the world, speaking at conferences, and working to bring together global educators onto one platform, which is required to support mass education and skilling.

“For equalized education for all, we require one education platform where we can work collectively to support not only individual learners but the entire Indian youth system. We believe that betterU, with the right partners, can drive growth across all industries. This partnership with NSDC will help us achieve positive results for the masses and bridge the skills gap,” Loiselle added.

About National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

NSDC is one of its kind public-private-partnership with an objective to facilitate skill training in partnership with private training providers. To date, NSDC has approved 400+ training providers and 38 Sector Skill Councils, with a geographical spread of 7,000+ training centres in 600+ districts across the country. NSDC has trained more than 1.4 crore people across sectors.

About betterU

betterU, a global education to employment platform, aims to provide access to quality education from around the world to foster growth and opportunity to those who want to better their lives. The company plans to bridge the prevailing gap in the education and job industry and enhance the lives of its prospective learners by developing an integrated education to employment ecosystem. betterU’s offerings can be categorized into several broad functions: to complement school programs with flexible preschool, KG-12 programs preparing children for next stage of education, to provide access to global and localized educational programs from leading educators, to foster an exceptional educational environment by providing befitting skills that lead to a better career, to bridge the gap between one’s existing education and prospective job requirement by training them and lastly, to connect the end user to various job opportunities. betterU today has partnered with over 75 global educators, representing access to over 53,000 programs. It is developing technology and ongoing more partners required to support the growing education needs of the world.

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