OTTAWA, February 2014

On February 14, 2014, SKILLSdox Inc., an Ottawa, Canada based company and the Institution of Bank Recruitment and Training(IBRT) in Mumbai,India have entered into a 3 year agreement to work together towards advancing the financial online educational systems within the Indian Banking sector.

IBRT’s founder Mr. Gupta, who previously worked with the largest bank in India, State Bank and its subsidiary SBI Capital Markets Ltd., the investment banking arm has turned his focus on advancing financial education across the financial sector. “Working as the head for so many investment banks across India and the middle east over many decades,I have seen the impact that effective training can have on advancing the skills of my employees.With the use of the right technologies and a partnership with SKILLSdox, IBRT will now be able to offer state of the art online learning to the financial sector across India”said Mr.Gupta, CEO of IBRT.

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance(BFSI) Sector Skills Council is mandated to train and skill up 8 Million people in the Indian banking industry over the next 9 years. This is not an easy task without the reach, management and oversight by authorized partners. As a registered training partner in India, IBRT with the help of SKILLSdox will be working to bring to the market a robust financial online education program in order to help achieve these objectives.

SKILLSdox has been building partnerships with India organizations such as IBRT, the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute, the Association of International Wealth Management of India and several others focused on reaching their target market with quality online education. SKILLSdox, by providing the education platform, content development services and overall e-learning delivery management, provides these organizations with the ability to support the vast education growth requirements of the country. “There are many international organizations working to penetrate markets like India with their existing educational programs, but none with the value proposition of SKILLSdox. We are not only focused on the big picture that achieves our vision of providing education to anyone, anywhere, at any time, but also establishing a benchmark of quality content and delivery, advancing our partners to a higher level of education”said Brad Loiselle, President of SKILLSdox.

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Skillsdox, head office located in Ottawa Canada, with an office in Mumbai India,has established an education network and platform that connects quality content partners with in-country channel partners all while supporting the needs of both partners in terms of development services, online infrastructure and marketing support. SKILLSdox also does not charge any upfront costs back the partners for it’s service,but rather focuses on revenue sharing opportunities when the programs are launched solving another problem of affordability.

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The Indian economy is the fastest growing economy after China and is poised to surpass the growth rate of China to become the fasted growing economy in the world by 2030.Banks being the most important driver as well as indicator of economic growth will continuously require trained personnel to achieve and sustain the envisaged growth. IBRT or Institution for Bank Recruitment and Training has been established to assist Banks in sourcing, recruiting and training the banking personnel.