MUMBAI February 15, 2016
SKILLSDOX Inc., a gateway / marketplace of quality online global education has launched its marketplace across India on 15th February 2016 in Mumbai at World Trade Center. The launch was attended by many Canadian government officials namely Jordan Reeves, Consul General for Canada in Mumbai, Nathan Nelson, Chief Representative EDC India with others from Indian media, global content partners, Times of India partners and other government officials. School Of Skill’s marketplace provides access to high quality global education from the world’s top educators like Udemy, BSEI, EdX and SureSkills to name a few.

Skillsdox Inc.’s Indian subsidiary SKILLSdox India Private Ltd. has entered into an investment and marketing deal of approximately $30 million with Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited, the largest national media company in India. School Of Skill marketplace is slated to reach 100+ million Indians each week for the next 5 years by its marketing efforts through newspapers, radio, digital and TV advertisements. To fuel its growth plans in India, Skillsdox Inc. has also entered into a LOI with Open Gold Corp with an intent to go public on the TSXV by means of a RTO. With a vision to advance the availability to all for quality education across India, SKILLSdox Inc. has also recently entered into a partnership with DataWind Inc. a leader in the delivery of affordable mobile devices in emerging markets. School of Skill will be featured on select Datawind tablets, which are sold bundled with one year of unlimited Internet access.

The launch of School of Skill is in line with the vision of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recently concluded trade mission to India which saw many business synergies between the two countries. School of Skill’s launch will help advance Prime Minister Modi’s mandate to skill up 500 million people across India by opening up access to leading global educators across the country.

About SKILLSdox Inc.:
SKILLSdox Inc., whose head office is located in Ottawa, Canada and its subsidiary SKILLSdox India Private Ltd. with an office in Mumbai India, is an online education gateway / marketplace that promotes and provides access to global educators across the Indian marketplace. Through an equity partnership with BCCL (Times Group), SKILLSdox has the largest media support for any online educator that it leverages to support its content partners.